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Please note that the testimonials are an extract from clients’ letters with some changes to protect client’s identity, privacy and confidentiality

Dear Thayhorn, thank you so much for guiding us through the complexities for obtaining a spouse visa for my son, Ricky. In dealing with refugee families applying to get a visa here, there is so much documentation that needs to be done in the right way in order to satisfy the visa specifications. We value your vast knowledge of the system in speeding up the process!

Thank you for your assistance. Ricky’s wife is finally arriving.

Rev. Dr Stringer from Australia

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Dear Thayhorn,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for assisting my monastery and me personally over the last 25 years. I have witnessed you overcome many difficult cases. You have made a very good representation on our behalf, strongly advocating to various agencies for the benefit of Cambodian communities in Australia and abroad. Many clients highly value your skills and expertise in your immigration assistance. You have very good understanding of Cambodian culture that makes you outstanding. I have no hesitation recommending your immigration assistance to anyone.

Venerable Sudhep

Abbot of Wat Buddharangsi Melbourne

Dear Thayhorn, we appreciate for getting the spouse visa for us. We were so impressed by your professionalism and meticulous attention to details which smoothed the application process and created an excellent working relationship with the Immigration Department’s case officers. Above all, your friendly and caring nature made the whole process far less stressful for us. We have no hesitation recommending you to anyone.

Yours truly, Dr K. Dummett (Senior Public Servant)

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Yours sincerely

Kim from Australia

Dear Thayhorn, we sincerely thank you for successfully representing us in getting the spouse visa. We are very impressed of your assistance. Your work ethics help the process to get the visa soon after our wedding so enabling us to travel together to Australia. This really makes a memorial event in our relationship, especially for our culture and tradition.

Yours truly,

Nguyen’s family from South Australia

Dear Thayhorn, thank you for your great advice. If it wasn’t you, I would not avail myself to immigration. I was on a run for many years and was scared to do anything because I was scared someone would dob-in. It took a lot of trust and courage to go ahead with my refugee application for my freedom.

Many thanks,

Thy and Thoeun from Victoria

Dear Thayhorn, thank you for helping my husband’s visa after it was refused. We were devastated of the news when the Embassy informed us of refusal. We lost hope and got very angry when they made unfound accusations about our family’s migration history especially when our father is a Cambodian community leader.

In less than a month, the visa application was granted. I thought that I was daydreaming! What an excellent skill!

Yours truly,

Chan and Pheak from Australia

Dear Thayhorn, I sincerely thank for all your effort with my partner visa. I must say you gave me an exemplar result. My application was granted in 3 months of its 12 months processing time! You are an extraordinary agent, giving me trust and confidence. Having the right agent like you is an outstanding outcome. I would love to recommend your excellent service to anyone.

Best regards,

Ya from Victoria

Yours truly

Thea and Nak from Victoria

Dear Thayhorn, we are writing to thank you for representing our case at the Tribunal for our spouse visa application. We were very naïve in getting an agent in Cambodia to assist our application. After the application was refused, we were at a loss. We had no hope and really worried whether we would ever retain our marriage. Your representation at the hearing made our case successful. We thank you, and we will recommend you anyone.

Dear Thayhorn, I would like to sincerely thank you for your assistance in getting me the permanent visa. It was over 10 years hiding as I did not leave after my appeal applications were refused. No one told me in 10 years about the visa. I finally got the permanent visa. What a special skilful!

Yours truly,

Chea’s family from Victoria

Dear Thayhorn, thank you for fantastic immigration assistance for my partner a visa to Australia. Previously we tried to do it ourselves with no luck one refusal after another and was at a point that I didn't know what to do. I then found you, and helped us prepare a good application, giving us great advice. A visa was granted as advised, and we are happy to be together during the processing time.

I would highly recommend you to anyone. You are thorough and thoughtful and your extensive 25 years of experiences count!

Well done!

Thank you again;

Spruit’s family from Australia

Dear Thayhorn, thank you for looking after my family sponsorship and visa applications. Your experiences and skills in dealing with the department gave me confidence and stress-free in dealing with you for many years. Your skilful advice in getting visas for my sisters’ and brother’s partner applications, were extraordinary. I would recommend you to anyone.

Yours truly, Neang’s family; Victoria

Yours truly

Neang’s family from Noble Park, Victoria

Dear Thayhorn,. I would like to say a big "Thank You" for your representative for my husband Song for his Waiver Condition 8503 and Protection Visa. Attending the tribunal was a big challenge having all my 7 children and many witnesses for my husband' case. Your professionalism putting so much effort and working overtime for my husband's case have certainly paid off and is rewarding having won the tribunal. Thank you so much for your support and great service.  Your  many years of experience we certainly say you tackle every possibility to help our family re-unite from being separated. A biggest thank you to a great success migration representative!

Kind Regards,


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Dear Thayhorn, thank you for all that you have done in helping us with Immigration process. We are very happy that the tension and anxiety is over, considering the time we gave you. Now, we can sleep better, and we are planning our holidays.

We can’t find the correct word to describe it, but truly you are great and professional. The result is amazing.

Sincerely, Jessy and Andy of Victoria

Dear Thayhorn, thanks for representing our family’s immigration. It was unbelievable for getting my son’s partner visa after 5 years of refusal from Tribunal. His application which was assisted by a worker was refused. The embassy linked his case to my other son’s migration history. The appeal to Tribunal by an agent in Springvale was also rejected. After 5 years of no hope, your assistance made possible for the rest of our family to live in Australia.

Many thanks,

Hout’s family from Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Thayhorn, my husband and I would like to express our gratitude for your hand-on details with our partner application. Your meticulous work paid off for our case to speed up the process. We got the visa so quick and were able to live together in Australia. Without you, I would not be here in just a couple of months after the wedding where the processing time is 12 months.

Many thanks

Vy and Ry from New South Wales, Australia

Dear Thayhorn, thank you so much for assisting me with my protection application. You make my dream come true. It is amazing that my family eventually got to settle permanently in Australia. It was the luckiest time of my life to know you and to have you represented me and my son. I wish you the best and be successful in your profession. 

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