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Yim Migration Service

Yim Migration Service provides immigration assistance including:

Fiancé, De facto, Spouse/Partner Visas

• Child, Carer, Orphan, Adoption, Parent Visas

• Skills, Students, Visitors Visas

• Protection, Refugee and Humanitarian Visas

• Review, Tribunal and its processes for appeals

• Citizenship

Here are some tips to ask before choosing an agent:

You may wish to look at your representative's experience. In general, the first two digits of the seven of MARN indicate the year of registration, that is, the MARN of 93XXXXX and 17XXXXX would be registered in the year of 1993 and 2017 respectively. If a practitioner is overseas without MARN, how do you know she or he is competent in Australian immigration law? Unless, she/he is a lawyer or RMA, it is against the law give immigration assistance in Australia.

  • Does your agent represent you in dealing with Immigration and/or Embassy or does he or she just interpret for you to complete a form? If so, do you ask for advice?
  • Is the agent responsible for his or her advice?
  • Does the agent have a professional indemnity covering for his or her advice/assistance?

Some people decide to save money by not using RMA only to find out the hard way and that was not a good idea. For example, Some people were told to depart Australia when they do not have to.  Many missed an opportunity to provide a response or a deadline to lodge their visa applications.

To avoid costly mistake, you need to see Thayhorn Yim who is a trusted and experienced RMA. He has extensive experiences, working in the migration field over 30 years, and he has got a caring nature for his clients. He is a strong advocate in representing your matters.

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