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Yim Migration Service

Immigration rules and regulations have changed rapidly during this COVID-19.  Some changes could save a lot of money and time that you could enjoy with families, for example, the changes for regulations relating to concession for immediate family members. 

Do you want to find out about your opportunity to get a visa to stay or to enter Australia temporarily or permanently? There are about 100 visa subclasses and are several for partner visa alone! Many are eligible for a visa to stay or to enter Australia, but they don’t get good advice, and sometimes it is too late to fix or to do anything! It is extremely important to get good advice from the start as it is very crucial to the outcome of an application especially for the appeals during this COVID-19 Pandemic environment.

Fundamental questions about migration and citizenship:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a sponsor?
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a visa applicant?
  • Your right to know about immigration history?

              What and why do you want to know?

              What steps can be done if not correct?

              How will your immigration history have impact on any sponsorship or visa applicant?

Australia’s immigration rules are changed often especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic environment. Some visa applications are simple and straight forward, but many are complex and required careful consideration of policies, legislations and court decisions.

There are over 5000 Registered Migration Agents (RMA) and legal practitioners, practising in Australia. They are regulated by an Australian Government department, called Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) and given Migration Agent Registration Number (MARN), and so as legal practitioners regulating by Law Institute of their states/territories. However, there are many unscrupulous agents in Australia and Overseas. So how do you avoid costly mistakes?

In deciding which practitioners, it is extremely important to look at their qualifications and experiences. Their track record of success is also a significant factor of decision. Having a highly skilled immigration practitioners can mean a difference between success and failure.

With Yim Migration Service, we hope you can find useful information that may assist you in the right direction. Yim Migration Service is focused on providing a high-quality service, a good outcome and a client satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.  In fact we have a good record of exceeding expectation of our clients. 

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