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About Us

Yim Migration Service is directed by Thayhorn Yim. Thayhorn is a trusted and experienced registered migration agent.

Thayhorn has worked in community, private and public sectors in the migration field for more than 30 years. He is specialised in family migration especially from Asian backgrounds. He has represented his clients at tribunal, at immigration department and at various embassies. He has been very successful in getting the best outcome and visas for his clients. 

Thayhorn had worked for Australian Government departments in the migration field for more than 10 years as ‘Specialist Migrant Officer’. He held a senior Commonwealth Public Services position in Australia. He also used to work for UNHCR (Resettlement Section).

Thayhorn is a member of MIA (Migration Institute of Australia) since its inception over 30 years. He has an extensive experience in dealing with various agencies including government departments and its processes. These include cutting the ‘red tape’.

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